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Orgonite pyramid sculpture, handmade with resin.  
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Originally discovered by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, orgonite pyramids are believed to neutralize radiation caused by wifi/everyday electronics, ease anxiety, and stabilize moods by converting negative energy into positive. This is said to be caused by the mechanical stress (piezoelectricity) created by the pressure of the resin during the curing process, stabilizing the chaotic energy of the crystals and metals contained inside which then emits a frequency of balance, cleansing all things around it.

Tangerine quartz helps to unblock fear and stimulate the sacral chakra (enhances areas of relationships, self-esteem, creativity), coins from Asia symbolize good fortune, and a brass lizard charm serves as a totem of regeneration, protection, and luck.

Ideal places to keep orgononites:

-Near sources of EMF radiation (microwaves, wifi router, computers, bluetooth emitters)

-Near water water or food sources

-Near plants

-Near bedroom, studio, or area of home/work where time is most spent

100% waterproof and non-toxic

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