GYOPO x Anicka Yi


Shigenobu Twilight (2019) 

Anicka Yi for GYOPO

Shigenobu Twilight is the first “volume” in the Biography series, a new line of ineffable fragrances by groundbreaking conceptual artist Anicka Yi. Biography uses the sensorial experience of scent to challenge traditional notions of femininity and subjectivity.

Designed by Yi in collaboration with architect Maggie Peng, Shigenobu Twilight is inspired by Fusako Shigenobu, the fabled female leader of the Japanese Red Army. The perfume’s esoteric notes intimate metaphors of Shigenobu’s stateless existence, her exile in Lebanon while yearning for her native Japan. Over a woody base of Lebanese cedar resonate top notes associated with Japan — a chiffonade of shiso, a rip tide of yuzu. Familiar but pungent black pepper, violet bleeding into hinoki cypress, all spire around heart notes of tree nut.

Limited edition of 150
10mL bottle
3D-printed mushroom skirt
Acrylic and cedar base vitrine
Shigenobu Twilight, 2019
3-D Printed Resin with acrylic and cedar vitrine
4x4x4 inches
Edition of 150+ 25 AP

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